VeeZuu - the best way
to transport your goods
With us, you can send, deliver and receive
your goods 24/7
Send a parcel to your friends and customers.
At any time that's convenient for you 24/7
Get your parcel delivered in few hours
inside your city borders
You have some spare time?
Earn with veezuu!
Imidiate transfer to your account
for each parcel delivered
You want to know, where's your package
and when the courier will arrive?
With veezuu you have the possibility to track your parcel online,
contact your courier and change the delivery address.
Why us

You can be a recipient,
sender and courier
at the same time

Get your parcel on the day
of order placement or
at any time convenient for you

You can track your parcel online
using our application
or website

Earn with veezuu by delivering
parcels in your free time
or any time you want

You can save your money on petrol
if you deliver a parcel
from one town to another

Multiply your income
delivering groupage cargo

How does it work?
Place your offer on a freight exchange or get the order

Using veezuu application you can
send, deliver and receive orders.
You just need to choose what's the most convenient for you

Have a free time?

You can easily deliver the parcel while you are riding a bike,
motorcycle, car or even on your way to work.
Get an additional income for each delivery.